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I have stored my wine with StoreQuest Anaheim Hills' wine storage for the past 8+ years paying monthly rental fees by automatic payment and NEVER missing a payment. After 8+ years of continued business they will NOT prorate a credit to me for the last month of dues when I asked to to end my reantal agreement which I decided to do because StoreQuest gave me only 2 weeks notice of a pending renatl fee increase of more than 22% per month. This was the second such large % increase within less than 2 years where they jacked up my monthly storage fees.

The second time StoreQuest raised my rental fee that was enough for me so I went to their office to close out my account. I asked they prorate my monthly charge immediately and I would make arrangements to remove my wine from their premises. Their response was since the billing cycle had already started I was going to be charged the full monthly rate regardless of when I remove my wines. I asked politely to speak with their site manager and Chris Galindo (sp?) indicated he ran the site. I asked in light of increase in rental rates and the long standing business with them if he would honor the prorate request. He flatly refused. Moreover, he chimed in in a smug manner that the StoreQuest Wine Storage site was the only viable wine storing facility east of the 55 Freeway (for those in Southern CA to refernce) and since they were the "only wine storage game in town they could raise rates at will."

I was appalled at his lack of customer focus/service and arrogance of the situation. Instead of perhaps even attempting to placate a long time customer for him to take that kind of attitude was pretty sad. I asked one more time if there was anything he would do as the site manager to work with me on this and he stated again and emphatic "No."

I paid for the entire month, removed my wines but vowed I would make sure people on the web could read bout his and his company's attitude toward customers. Chris Galindo just smirked when I made this comment.

I would never do business ever again with StoreQuest or any of its affiliates if it has them...

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